About mappazzo

Hi, I'm Kelly Norris, the founder of Mappazzo. I am a professional engineer with more than 15 years working in various aspects of infrastructure design and management.

The Mappazzo team
The Mappazzo team

Prior to Mappazzo I obtained  broad experience working in operational roles and engineering design teams for Local Authorities and on industrial and land development projects.

This experience gives me a unique balance of engineering know-how, analytical skill and a practical outcome-focused working style.

I formed Mappazzo in 2015 after working as an end-user of spatial data for many years and identifying the need for an alternative 'bespoke' service to enable the use of modern technology into engineering projects.

Mappazzo provides an alternative to big corporate consulting companies - providing local, affordable access to mapping, spatial/data analysis and professional engineering advice.

We also reach out to customers beyond New Zealand, as we are designing software for industry-specific problems; assisting engineers to solve unique problems and providing drone operators with new ways to use their data.

Contact me any time for more information about us:
P: +64 210 8737 616
E: kelly@mappazzo.com