Drone survey and mapping for agriculture

We provide our agricultural and environmental clients with access to new tools for their work.

Our use of state of the art multi-spectral sensors delivers useful data and make precision agriculture a reality.

Vegetation condition assessment (using NDVI and multi-spectral sensors)

An NDVI image of a vineyard highlights variation in vine health
An NDVI image of a vineyard highlights variation in vine health

In simple terms we can create maps that show variation of vegetation health across a field. A high resolution DVI map can assist farmers a variety of planning and farm optimisation tasks.

Using state of the art multi-spectral sensors  we measure reflected light across the different wavelengths of light. After applying some clever maths and turning the image into a map we can see the relative amount of photosynthesis in different parts of the site.

Example uses of NDVI maps can be found throughout the world... some applications are: monitoring mid season crop health, identifying issues with seeding methods, planning the staging of a harvest and monitoring weed infestations.

Mappazzo is proud to bring this technology to the region and assist our community to build knowledge of the most useful local applications. Please talk to us about your specific needs. We encourage you to undertake a trial and see what value DVI can add to your business.

You can read more about ways that DVI mapping is being used through the following links

Aerial images and "photo survey"

Flying our drone Clarka to collect aerial images and video provides you valuable data and a unique perspective of the land. In addition to great aerial images we can use modern equipment and processing techniques to complete a "Photo survey" of your site which creates an orthophoto (like the "satellite" view on Google Maps) and a 3D terrain model.

Because we fly our drone at low altitude (compared to traditional aircraft) we get data at very high resolution and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. A typical job using our "Photo Survey" method creates an orthophoto where one pixel in the photo measures between 2 and 5 cm on the ground (depending on the height that we fly). This detail allows us to make accurate measurements, to identify features and create high quality printed maps and plans.

Applications of the aerial images and data from the "photo survey" in the agricultural sector have included:

  • Creating of printed maps and farm plans
  • Remote survey of infrastructure
  • Creating digital data for use in GPS devices
  • Monitoring changes to crops and landscape (comparing images over time)
  • Mapping crop height
  • Mapping hydrology (streams and gullies)
  • Inspection and mapping of assets in hard to reach locations.

Mapping services

A professional mapping product can greatly assist your operations, help in obtaining consent for your activities and provide you with insight to your property.

Mappazzo can provide a full range of mapping services.

  • Prepare scaled maps for promotional uses, operations or documentation,
  • Help you to go electronic with personalised mapping services online and for mobile devices (eg: smartphones),
  • Combine your business information or survey with public data sets,
  • Generate new spatial data using UAV survey and present it in a meaningful way .