Asset management

Mappazzo provides professional engineering and asset management consulting services to a range of business and government entities.

Asset management systems

We assist organisations to design and implement systems that improve understanding of their assets and facilitate ongoing management of asset records.

Our team has assisted clients with preparation and review of asset management plans and provided systems to assist with efficient operation of infrastructure.


We help with specification or review of contracts.

Our team has first hand experience in management of construction, operations and maintenance contracts. We draw upon this experience to prepare practical specifications and provide third party reviews of contract performance.

Term Contracts
Asset Management
Maintenance specifications
Contract reporting & KPIs

Management reporting

Asset owners and their contractors require efficient systems for reporting on activities. We assist organisations to develop necessary plans and reports for contract compliance and to capture and analyse data efficiently to satisfy ongoing reporting obligations.

We can help with task management systems, health and safety, quality assurance and third party reviews.

Condition assessments

Consistent, independent assessment of asset condition provides reliable data for maintenance and renewals planning and for quality assurance.

Our team can assist you to improve your condition assessment practices in accordance with industry guidelines or provide independent inspection services in accordance with your existing methods.