Meet Clarka

snapshot_050_320x250The newest member of our team is Clarka. She helps us get to places Mappazzo has not been before and provides us with images and data which help us on our quest to create better maps. With Clarka on board we can now provide a range of aerial services to give you a new perspective on your activities and help your business.

Clarka is a multi-rotor drone, also known as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), for those who prefer to be politically correct. After extensive research and careful consideration, Clarka (who is an "Inspire 1" from the DJI family) was chosen from a wide range of potential candidates currently looking for a full time position. Some of the key features which make her special are:

1. High quality camera with 3 axis gimbal.

Clarka is fitted with a high quality camera which records 4k video (4 x full HD) and 12MP still images. The camera is stabilised with DJI's industry leading 3 axis gimbal which provides stable footage. Once in the air Clarka undergoes a unique transformation, raising the landing gear away, leaving the camera free to rotate a full 360 degrees without obstruction to footage.

2. Dual operator and live HD control.

Technology in Clarka is ideally suited to film production and industrial inspections. The operators are provided with a live HD view of the camera video so we can respond to observations in real time and ensure we get the best footage and images possible. In addition to this Clarka can be operated with dual controls so that a separate camera operator complete control of the image without having to worry about keeping her in the air. With this technology we can literally "hand over" the control of the camera so you have complete control of the imagery for the project.

3. High accuracy GPS, vision positioning and intelligent missions.

Clarka uses GLONASS and GPS satellites to identify her position with far more accuracy that a standard GPS. This technology along with a unique sonar and vision positioning system provide stable flight and the ability to undertake autonomous missions. Thankfully, DJI have a flexible view on software development which has allowed users to develop custom flight control software and we can use this software to provide efficient flights and unique capabilities.

4. Ongoing development.

DJI are one of the largest manufacturers of recreational and commercial grade drones in the current market. This means that we can benefit from ongoing development (from DJI and 3rd parties) of add-ons, upgrades and new technologies to ensure flexibility for future applications.