Grampians video survey

Mappazzo recently had the opportunity to demonstrate the value of UAV video survey for management of parks and reserves. The Grampians reserve in Nelson has areas of very steep terrain which proves a significant access challenge for the reserves maintenance team who are tasked with managing invasive weeds and general upkeep of the park.

Early in December we let Clarka loose to fly over the north western face of the mountain. The raw video footage from the flight was combined with GPS data and other flight information to generate a comprehensive "replay" of the flight.

video survey

View the interactive video survey online (

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The geo-referencing in the video is particularly useful because it allows the maintenance team to go back and identify the weeds and any other features without walking the side of the mountain.The original video footage was recorded in 4k (UHD) quality to give maximum resolution and assist in identifying weeds on the ground. The video survey viewer is setup so users can quickly view a low resolution online version (720p) or select a higher quality file from their desktop. To give you a sample of the product, we've loaded a short 3 min the video into a "demo" viewer.

The resulting product provides a permanent record of conditions at the time of the flight and can be used for future asset management.  We are excited about the new processing workflow that we developed for this project and its other applications, particularly in asset management where we can use video for mapping and condition assessments.