SammEE gets an upgrade

Back in the day our team was responsible for development of a special software product for planning and management of shallow groundwater.

SammEE (Shallow Aquifer Management Model) was developed in 2013 to provide engineers in the Perth metropolitan region with an efficient and more accurate means of predicting seasonal variation in shallow groundwater levels and response the changing landuses. After being used to assess a whole number of sites over the ensuing years it was recently time for SammEE to have an upgrade.

In early 2016 the Mappazzo team completed a comprehensive upgrade which overhauled the user interface and added additional functionality to the analysis and results. Equipped with this new capability users of the software can now analyse different climate scenarios and provide statistical analysis on synthetic rainfall.

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You can also find out a little more about SammEE by reading the initial release notice from 2013.

SammEE in action
SammEE in action