Drone survey and mapping

We use modern drones to create high resolution maps and complete 3D models.

Our team assists you to see the full value of a modern drone survey with online mapping and visualisation

We can provide additional consulting services for advanced spatial analysis, earthworks modelling and assessment of environmental hydrology.

Complete, accurate coverage

Digital photogrammetry provides a complete, detailed survey of the site reducing the need for multiple surveys and improving accuracy of calculations.
High resolution orthophotos and 3D models allow accurate measurements, "virtual survey" and improve the accuracy of engineering calculations.

Cost effective

The use of drone technology to get data far more efficiently than the traditional survey approach. Less time on site and more data results in reduced cost.
With our broad range of experience in civil engineering projects we understand how to use the data to that it adds significant value to your project.


Data and images collected by aerial survey are inherently visual. This provides a unique insight into your site and your environment.
The use of cutting-edge processing techniques render raw data into maps and interactive models. This allows the whole project team to be immersed in the 'visual' data.
Depending on your application we produce high resolution paper maps, online maps, and/or setup online or desktop viewers for 3D data.


We provide customised mapping services for access to data online or on smartphones, and "fit for purpose" recommendations for desktop software.
Online systems can ensure that maps and data are easily accessed and shared between different parts of the project team. This leads to greater efficiency, lower costs, and time-savings.

Safe and reliable

Aerial survey using a drone provides a safe, reliable alternative to traditional survey methods. Less time on site means less exposure to site hazards.
We deal with regulation surrounding our flight and follow a comprehensive H&S plan for all our work.


We tailor a solution to meet the needs of your project.

Data collection:

  • Data collection using modern drones
  • Low altitude flights to provide high resolution data,
  • Cost effective compared to traditional survey and light plane photogrammetry,
  • We obtain all relevant approvals and implement a modern OH&S system for every project.


  • Modern digital processing techniques,
  • Satellite view, orthophoto, with 2cm-5cm pixels,
  • Colour point cloud for virtual survey,
  • Digital elevation model (DEM),
  • Terrain analysis (cut/fill volumes, contours, hydrology).

Mapping Services:

  • Professional plans and drawings for technical reports,
  • Printed maps for operational or promotional use
  • Setup online maps and apps for mobile devices for on-site use and team collaboration.
  • 3D fly through animations.


  • Your whole team can use the data; training suitable for project managers, designers, surveyors, planners, engineers and support staff,
  • Up-skill your team to use virtual survey,
  • Fit for purpose. Software and training suitable for team members of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Data analysis and custom software:

  • mobile/web systems for improved data collection and workflow
  • automate data processing tasks
  • analysis of data trends (business systems, process data, spatial)
  • custom software for project workflow or engineering calculations


Case study - Kowai River


Mappazzo recently completed an aerial photo survey study for the Selwyn District Council. Data generated during the mission provide useful data for planning of civil works and ongoing management of the Malvern Hills water race intake on the Kowai River.

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