Software to enable technology

Business owners are excited about new technology but find it difficult or expensive to implement new systems into their workflow.

We help by providing accessible software that increases productivity in the workplace.

Video mapping

Our "VideoMap" application provides an easy way to replay video footage with a syncronised map and data overlay.

Creating a video record of an asset provides a unique perspective in an accessible format. Combining this with interactive data overlays allows end users to get real value from the video replay.

At Mappazzo, we were frustrated with the tools available and so we developed the VideoMap application to eliminate video post-processing and provide an interactive product for our clients.


Now creating a videomap is easy. We simply upload the GPS (or drone) log file, modify some setup parameters and send out client an online link.

Our clients use our VideoMaps as a permanent "georeferenced" record of the video flight, and to obtain approximate coordinates for features they can see in the video.

Videomap is now available for use by others and we are excited to see drone operators and asset managers using the software for a variety of applications in different parts of the world.

If you are a drone operator or asset manager you are welcome to try our product for free as we develop additional functionality.

If you want to know more, or be kept in the loop about out progress please contact us.

Customisable online maps

Here at Mappazzo we use our own online viewer for use by our local clients.

After trying out the huge range of online mapping solutions available for us, we felt them lacking and decided to create our own.

With our Mapviewer application, we are able to display our own imagery from any server and provide custom functionality that our clients need.

Key features of our product are the ability to draw upon various data sources, measure and mark-up features, and share public or private maps with our end users.

Our current basic mapping package is subject to o

ngoing development and is available for use by other operators and GIS professionals as an alternative to other online mapping platforms.

We are interested to hear your ideas about what is missing from the online mapping options available to industry.

If you are interested involved in this exciting opportunity please contact us.


Mappazzo is proudly involved with the development of Trakk, which is an online platform designed to assist businesses with efficient data collection.

The public portal for Trakk provides businesses with a cost effective, modern system for management of rosters and communication with shift workers.  We are excited as we explore application of this technology to asset and contract management issues.

Find out more at